Kirribilli Funds Management was founded by successful professionals who understand the business of asset management.

Our mission is to deliver appropriate, risk-adjusted returns that meet investor objectives while safe guarding investor capital.


At Kirribilli Funds Management we strongly believe that our actions should always be guided by a strong company ethos of professionalism. This implies the constant and ongoing commitment to being professional in all that we do and in upholding our core values.

  • Accountability

    We hold ourselves accountable for our words, actions and our performance. We extend this accountability to our partners. In line with our operating beliefs, we have a strong compliance culture.

  • Competency

    We get the job done whether in good times or in difficult circumstances. Where necessary we manage expectations and take what actions are needed to ensure that we deliver appropriate outcomes for our clients.

  • Excellence

    We believe that good is the enemy of best. We demand excellence of ourselves and also of our partners. For this reason we only partner with individuals or organisations that themselves pursue excellence.

  • Honesty & Integrity

    Honesty means that we keep our word and we can be trusted implicitly because of this. We communicate openly and transparently. Integrity means that it is more important for us to be right than it is to merely be successful.

The name Kirribilli is derived from an Aboriginal word Kiarabilli, which means ‘good fishing spot’.

We believe that a wise fisherman chooses his fishing spot carefully, then having made adequate preparation, he can be confident that in time his basket will fill with fish.


The Australian Federal Government’s Significant Investor Visa (SIV) program offers an exciting, concessional opportunity for high net worth investors looking to migrate to Australia. The legislation allows investors to apply for permanent residency in Australia by investing $A5 million into investments that meet government guidelines. As part of the SIV program, applicants must invest a total of $A5 million for at least four years into complying investments.

Kirribilli Funds Management offers complying investments for both the “old SIV” and for the “new SIV” (from 1 July 2015).

Kirribilli SIV Australian Income Fund

Kirribilli SIV Australian Income Fund is an ASIC-regulated managed fund that satisfies the eligible investments criteria for the Significant Investor Visa (SIV), under Commonwealth legislation. This fund is suitable for investors that lodged their applications prior to the 24 April 2015 cut-off date.

Kirribilli SIV Perfect Investment Portfolio

Kirribilli SIV Perfect Investment Portfolio has been designed to fulfil the requirements of the new Complying Investment Framework (CIF) for the new Significant Investor Visa that will commence on 1 July 2015.

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Name of Fund:
Kirribilli SIV Australian Income Fund
Significant Investor Visa (SIV) compliant, ASIC regulated, Australian managed fund. Suitable for significant investors migrating to any State or Territory of Australia.
Fund Manager and Trustee:
Kirribilli Funds Management (AFSL No: 462615)
One Managed Investment Funds (AFSL No: 297042)
Investment Manager of Underlying Funds:
Vanguard Investments Australia (AFSL No: 227263)
Fund Auditor:
RSM Bird Cameron
Fund Registrar:
One Registry Services
To invest in Australian, SIV-compliant asset classes
Recommended Investment Term:
4 years
Current Asset Allocation:
100% Australian listed equities (S&P/ASX 300 index)


  • Buyang NiManaging Director

  • Aaron HocklyResponsible Manager

  • Frank TearleDirector of Custodian

  • Elizabeth ReddyDirector of Custodian

  • Justin EpsteinDirector of Custodian


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澳大利亚已经向愿意和分享国家未来的企业家和成功投资者打开了移民通道。 2014年10月到2015年3月,凯瑞比利基金管理公司和其他利益相关者参与了由贸易和投资部部长Andrew Robb发起,移民和边境保护部以及澳大利亚贸易委员会主持的政府层面商讨。利益相关者参与此项商讨目的是为重大投资者签证设计新的获许投资框架。凯瑞比利基金管理公司很荣幸参与了这次商讨会,且看到我们的几个建议被采纳了。 首先,移民签证投资有了一些变化,这有点混淆和理解困难。只有恰当的解释后,你才会明白新投资框架以及你怎么样从中获益。 作为具有澳大利亚金融服务许可证的基金管理者,凯瑞比利基金管理公司为重大投资者签证设计了一个完美投资组合。在写这封信的时候,凯瑞比利基金管理公司是唯一一个针对自2015年7月1日开始的新获许投资框架提供投资移民者完整投资解决方案的持牌基金管理公司, 在设计凯瑞比利基金重大投资者签证完美投资组合时,我们的目标是提供投资移民者高质量的金融产品,高回报,公平,容易理解,完美符合澳大利亚政府以及涉及的各政府部门和机构的各项要求。 投资于澳大利亚令人感到激动。我们已经做好准备,在你旅行的一开始就帮助你正确是实现财富增长。